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AI Class Solutions (AiCS) is a technology-based Class Action Settlement Administration Company that focuses on consumer protection and privacy act cases. AiCS has partnered with some of the leading legal technologies to provide a better experience for class members, lawyers, and the Court. Among these partners, is ClaimScore™, which offers first in kind, real-time claim review and presents results in an interactive dashboard, visible from any computer or smartphone. These partnerships allow AiCS to offer the most efficient, transparent and cost effective settlement administration plans in the consumer protection and privacy act spaces.

Why choose us?

Reasons To Choose AiCS


Real-time claim review & reporting eliminates case downtime.


Technology efficiency yields direct cost savings to the client.


First-in-class interactive dashboard keeps all parties updated by.


The Future Of Class Action Administration

A ClaimScore Partnership

ClaimScore is a cutting-edge class action claim validation service powered by machine learning and data analysis. Their advanced technology platform is designed to quickly and accurately determine the legitimacy of class action claims, helping to identify and prevent fraud.Class action lawsuits can be vulnerable to fraudulent claims, which can cause delays and increased costs for all parties involved. That's the reason we use their system, using machine learning and data analysis to analyze and evaluate claims in real time, to provide us with an instant objective score that indicates the likelihood of a claim being legitimate or fraudulent.Their system is designed to be highly accurate and efficient, analyzing multiple data points and patterns to make a determination. The machine-learning algorithms are continuously updated and fine-tuned to ensure the best possible results, and the use of state-of-the-art technology ensures the safety and security of your data.

Hyper-Targeted Marketing

Hyper-Targeted Marketing provides the fairest, most cost-effective notice to potential class members that focuses on actual claim rates as opposed to an arbitrary number of impressions. It's particularly important for actions with “undefined purchaser classes” where the class members may be difficult to ascertain.At AICS, we understand the importance of providing effective notice to class members. That's why we offer hyper-targeted marketing solutions to help you reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message.Our hyper-targeted marketing solutions include a variety of channels, such as email, direct mail, and social media, to ensure that your message is seen by as many potential class members as possible. By utilizing these channels, we can reach class members who may not have been reached through traditional methods, such as newspapers or magazines.

Automated Website & Claim Form Generation

Creating a website and claim form for a class action settlement can be a time-consuming and tedious process. With the help of ClaimScore, we automate this process by using the Settlement Agreement as the basis for generating the website and claim form. This means that all the necessary information is automatically included, eliminating the need for manual input and reducing the risk of errors.ClaimScore's claim forms, are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for class members to navigate and submit their claims. Through ClaimScore, we offer real-time tracking and reporting, so you can monitor the progress of claims and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Coming Soon: AI Generated Declarations

Currently, a human expert must manually prepare a final declaration for the Courts. AICS is preparing the launch of an AI-generated declaration using natural language processing and an immutable ledger to provide all pertinent information needed at the completion of a cast with unprecedented transparency.

Who We Are

About Us

The founder of AICS is an expert in indirect purchaser classes and advanced fraud prevention technology. Over the past ten years, he has revolutionized the class-action industry, innovated digital advertising for noticing, implemented unique fraud prevention, and pioneered traditional digital payments (e.g. Paypal, Venmo). To our knowledge, AICS is also the first Class Action Administration to offer payments to class members directly to a Bitcoin wallet.

Mark Schey

Founding Partner

Mark Schey has served as a Court-approved notice provider in over two dozen state and federal court class actions. He has provided expertise in Internet notice to some of the largest class action administration companies in the industry, including Epiq Systems and Heffler.

Through his leadership, he has pioneered digital class action advertising, advanced fraud prevention, and digital payments in the class action industry. Schey is also the founder of 221direct, a marketing and product development firm that is responsible for over $500M in retail sales over the past ten years.

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What We’ve Done

Mark Schey, the founder of AICS, formerly known as Digital Settlement Group ("DSG"), has been appointed the administrator in over 40 cases, sent notice to millions of claimants and administered over $100,000,000 in class-action payouts. Some case examples:

Jan Harrison, et al. v. E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, et al., U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Case No. 5:13-cv-01180-BLF (Judge Beth Labson Freeman)

Thomas Iglesias v. Ferrara Candy Co., Case No. 3:17-cv-00849-VC

Eggnatz et al v. The Kellogg Company et al., S.D. Fla., Case No. 1:12-cv-21678.

Steven Liptai v. Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc., et al., Dane County Circuit Court, State of Wisconsin, Case No. 2018CV000321

Amiri v My Pillow, Inc, Superior Court of California, County of San Bernadino, Case No. CIVDS1606479 (Judge Bryan Foster)

Garcia v. Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc., Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara, Case No. 1402915 (Judge Pauline Maxwell)

Pamela Miller, et al. v. Basic Research, LLC, et al., Dist. Utah, Central Division, Case No. CV 2:07-cv-00871

Hogan, et al. v. USPlabs, LLC, Los Angeles County Superior Court, No. BC486925.

Wike v. HCG Platinum, LLC, Los Angeles County Superior Court, No. BC451080.

Keller v. Gaspari Nutrition, U.S. Dist. Ct., Central Dist., No. CV11-06158.

In re Wellnx Marketing & Sales Practices, U.S. Dist. Ct., D. Mass, MDL No. 1861.

Taromina, v. Gaspari Nutrition, U.S. Dist. Ct., Central Dist., No. CV12-05424

Amy Rehak, et al. v. Telebrands Corporation and Walgreen Co., Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis, State of Missouri, Case No. 1522-CC10756

Joanne Miller v. Telebrands Corp., Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri at Independence, Case No. 1616-CV06264

Hojiwala, et al. v. Idea Village Products Corp., et al., Superior Court for the State of California, County of Orange, Case No. 30-2008-00060295.

Pearson, et al. v. NBTY, Inc, N.D. Ill, No. CV11-07972.

Arreguin v. Telebrands, San Bernadino Superior Court, No. CIVRS1307798.

Messick v. Applica, Florida Southern District Court, No. 0:12-CV-60464.